12 Jul 21

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

1286 Days Ago……..

“Some of you will now know that last week I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. A rare and aggressive form, which I thankfully found early.

Yesterday I went into battle with my first round of chemotherapy.

I’ve ridden the rollercoaster of emotions but I’ve landed in a really positive place, feeling strong, surrounded by love and overwhelmed at the support we’ve already been given. I have amazing doctors, a treatment plan, and I’m ready to fight this with everything I’ve got!

Trying to let everyone know in a personal way is exhausting and I don’t want to hide. So this is me, ready to take cancer on, hair cut, controlling what I can and feeling scarily healthy. Not a single sign of illness short of a lump. And the chemo drugs now taking hold.

Dom, my babies, my family and closest friends have held me up this far. I love you all so so much. And all the messages and gestures of support flowing in mean everything.

In the words of my beautiful poet of a husband…. “Winners fight harder than the opposition, dig deeper, accept more pain and even smile in the face of such a challenge or adversity” I promise to always dig deep, be brave and fight for a win.

So bear with me guys, it’s going to get a little rocky over here, but I’ll be giving it my best, and even in my darkest days I won’t be taking a backwards step. #ivegotthis
XoX 🌈✨❤️🌈✨❤️”

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