10 Dec 18

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

We’re closing in on a month in Germany, I’m honestly not sure if the time has gone fast or slow. Being in a foreign country, a place I’ve never previously visited, a place with much to do and see but it’s somewhat of a blur.

On occasions, you get a minute to appreciate some architecture, heritage, the landscape or some history but mostly you live in a distracted space consumed by the reason you’re here.

The Good: Lou’s health is the best it’s been since arrival. She’s been out of the apartment for small adventures every day since Wednesday. She’s been eating too which is essential. Her brain function and memory have improved out of sight from a week ago.

The Bad: The fluid is building in the chest again. She’s scheduled to have it removed on Wednesday afternoon. Until we get on top of the liver tumours, it’s an issue that will continue to haunt.

The Ugly: The pain. Lou’s got pain in her liver and back. Pain is a constant reminder of the nightmare you are trying to get a reprieve from.

Despite the good, bad and ugly, we’re always determined to make sure the kids are comfortable.  Lynda, Les, Lou and myself all work hard to ensure they’re happy and they are. Noah and Evie are far from their own home, cousins and friends but they are being champions. I’m very proud.

Today we decorated our Christmas tree, it’s an absolute monster of a tree and perfect in stature.

Lou has a big week this week with the other half of the liver scheduled for local chemo/TASE on Friday. Progress scans will also detail where we’re at.


  1. Louise you are a hero. All of us can only imagine how you are feeling day to day but you keep pushing through . The love of and for our family is a powerful thing and we are so glad you have yours around you, near and afar. The love and best wishes for you is unwavering from everyone you know. Thank you Dom for taking the precious time to keep us all updated. Stay strong. Our thoughts are with you. Xx

  2. Thank you for sharing. We check daily your family progress. If you every need anything in Texas. Please let me know. We head to MD Anderson on Wednesday for a few days. thank you

  3. Thank you Dominic for all the news. It must be such a confronting time. Thinking of Louise dearly & praying for success in her treatments.
    May you , Louise and the family have a respite Xmas. with snow perhaps.
    Much love. Catherine

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