22 Jan 23

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

I’ve been accruing a number of goals (50 to be precise) and documenting them in preparation for massaging them into a plan and going after them.

In the lead-up to turning 50, it’s my ambition to thread these goals into my daily life.

I’m conscious of aging and I’m keen to hang onto my youth for as long as possible.

I have an appetite to minimize my regrets, I want to inspire others, I want to continue to achieve, always progress, stay focused, and spend more time outdoors and in the ocean.

I want to chase actionable targets that improve my base fitness, overall health, flexibility, strength, balance, fine and gross motor skills, and most importantly, brain function.

To learn new sports.

To continue with my passion for extreme sports.

To epitomize physical and mental discipline.

To include cultural goals that are part of certain social behaviors, languages, rituals, ceremonies, past times, and nature.


I will drip-feed my goals as I solidify them in the coming weeks but GOAL NUMBER ONE is to be a better person.

I’ve had this goal written down for a while alongside other goals that have the question beside them; “How do I measure this?”

My dad handed me the answer on Christmas day when he gifted me a book called; “Reasons Not To Worry” by Bridget Delaney. Essentially the book is about a philosophy called Stoicism.

Stoicism is designed to make us more resilient, happier, more virtuous, and wiser–and as a result, better people, better parents, and better professionals.

I’ve since read two additional books on Stoicism and counting, perused countless online articles and videos, and made a ton of notes. This is where my new measurable framework exists to become a better person. I am certain of it.

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