29 Jan 19

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Lou’s Funeral, the celebration of her life,  was a great day. It feels strange to write those words but ‘it is what it is.’ Sending her off into the sunset with family and friends, side-by-side in puddles of tears, to bid her farewell is a mandatory part of the process, and we did it well.

The day was somewhat of a blur but I could feel the emotion and love defuse through all that attended. I had an emotional outpour just before the service started, which made me feel at ease and relaxed for the remainder of the day. I only learned to cry a few weeks back and I am a big advocate. Crying gets the thumbs up from me!

I’m not exactly sure what made Lou upset during the service causing her to blow up the AV and disrupt the PA system as it was my turn to speak.  I can only assume I had a few unapproved photos in the slideshow ready to roll. She can be quite loud and hostile right? I miss being yelled out.

I don’t really know where to go from here. It doesn’t feel right that this should be the end of Lou’s blog now that she is gone. Posting about a personal journey is something I would have never done if she wasn’t the catalyst to motivate me to write.

I think I’ll attempt to publish the occasional post about being a single parent, about memories of Lou and how my little rug-rats are fairing as they embark on life without their mum. I’ve found sharing our story therapeutic so there is no reason to stop.






  1. You will have loads of people, some whom you’ve never met (like me) eager to hear your updates. I have no doubt you and your little poppets will thrive – your strength (made even stronger with the ability to shed years) is palpable. So much love to you x

  2. Dear Dom
    You & the kids have my deepest sympathy regarding the loss of the lovely Lou.
    Like many others I don’t personally know either of you , came across the blog somehow . I too received the news last year of a breast cancer diagnosis , devastated but caught early & I ‘m doing ok.
    I would love to continue to read about the kids , family & yourself .

    Love & hugs to you all x

  3. Agree with Gabrielle, I love hearing your updates. Keep writing if it helps you!

    You are a beautiful writer. You put more words to paper than you ever speak too, so nice to hear your inner thoughts.

    Clearly you and Lou have helped other people on their breast cancer journey too. From here, you may help other people with their single parent journey.

  4. Oh Dom I click on everyday at times I was clicking on it 50 times a day. Continue to share, we are all ears and want to stay with you on this journey x

  5. Dom, you did Lou proud on that day. It seems like an odd thing to say but that was the best send of I’ve been to. The music, love, thoughtfully crafted words capturing the essence of Lou and acknowledging the big hole she leaves in all our lives. I loved the kids being part of it too.

    Thank you for letting us in on the journey with your posts, always beautifully written. I come here to feel close to Lou so please do keep posting! She’s on my mind every day.

    Love to you and the Rugrats!
    Jem xx

  6. Please keep sharing Dom. While some of us don’t know you, we certainly knew and loved Lou and I feel like we are your village now even though we never met. And frankly after the display in the church I’m not super keen to upset Lou :-).

    I hope the back to school rush went well for Noah. It must have been a strange week for all of you.

    Sending love to the three of you

  7. Dom, we have never met, but I have followed your and lous’ painful journey through your blog and through mutual friends. I hoped and prayed for a different ending – everyone did. You are still in my thoughts and prayers and I wish only the very best for you and your lovely children moving forward. Please keep up the blog. You have a most beautiful way with words whatever message they may be conveying.

    All the best

  8. Hi Dom, I was a friend of Lou’s at Westfield and have occasionally kept in touch but I’ve have been so affected by Lou’s story. I also click onto the blog each day hoping to hear an update. I think you are all amazing and I really hope you continue to keep going with this blog!! Clare xx

  9. Please do Dom. We never met, but I knew your wife – her legacy lives on for so many of us in these posts xx

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