27 Oct 18

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

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  1. Love and prayers from Telluride. Feeling so helpless, Dom. What can we do to help. Hearts are breaking for you all.

  2. Sending Lou all my strength and positive vibes and lots of love. Also a lot of spiritual healing. Love those little babies God Bless them always. Lots of love and hugs to all of you. ❤

  3. Thank you Dom for sharing this update, my heart goes out to you all and I am sending big hugs to help bring Louise home. xx keep strong team!

  4. Sending lots of love to all of you. Those sweet little humans you two have created are lucky to have you as their dad. I’ll send Lou a message.

    It would be awesome if you guys set up a ‘give a little’ page, or something like that. I know it’s hard to ask for help like that, but I expect there are heaps of people (like us) who would like to help you guys, help Lou keep fighting, who can’t make it to the Greenpark. Just a thought. I can also ask Jimmy to bid on something for me…

  5. I’m really sorry for what you are all going through. When my brother died at 30, suddenly, it did feel like I had been punched. And so many times throughout the months ahead i would gasp with the shock and horror of it & feel that desperate on my knees pain all over again. So yes, describing it as being winded is exactly right. And it’s horrible. And so unfair.
    Sending you all love and light.

  6. Hey Dom, thank you for sharing this vid. You don’t know me that well but I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Lou and it just breaks my heart to see what you’re all going through. You’re doing a stellar job looking after those gorgeous little ones asleep by your side and please keep your spirits up as much as you can, even though it must feel like it’s impossible. Hour by hour. Day by day. Keep up the fight. Jacqui Jubb x

  7. Thanks for the update Dom, hope you and the kids are having a great rest to give Mummy lots of cuddles tomorrow. Sending love to Lou xx

  8. Thanks for the update, Dom. Sending lots of love and prayers to Lou and you all. Caitlin is under special orders to be particularly kind to Noah in school, although she told me that she offered to wrestle the boys at Josh’s party on Sunday and they all just ran away from her! Keeping everything crossed that Lou will be home for Halloween.

  9. Lou, Dom, Noah and Evie,
    What you guys have built till this point, and how you are living these surreal moments right now in the hardest of all test matches is an inspiration to those lucky enough to know you – even if the scoreboard aint looking as we’d all have expected. What happens for the rest of the game is still unknown, but keep playing your best and cherish every sweet moment when they present themselves – theres still a few lifetimes of those to come. While some hearts may feel like breaking, let yours warm and grow with the love around you, knowing that what youve had till the game went pear-shaped has been nothing but scintillating. Remember the good times, love, laugh and make a few more memories if and when you can. Dont be afraid of the next front rower running at you all – take them head on, and low!
    All our love, Thomo Henry Bonnie and Dimity

    • Such a beautiful message Brian. Thank you so very much! As you will know we love a sporting analogy, breaking down this journey into chunks we can cope with. Preparing for each match as they come. The moments have become everything and i bank them all with a warm full heart. I won’t let the front rowers scare me. I’m ready to level the scoreboard. Thank you for being behind me XoX Lou

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