1 Nov 21

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

My little beauty.

You won’t remember but we used to have these little clashes. You were only three years old but the little mixing pot we both shared of; fire, stubbornness and a pinch of crae-crae was the perfect tiny storm for some mother and daughter friction.

Always trivial of course but can you imagine how exciting these encounters may have become as time advanced?

It would have been fun for your dad to watch for two reasons:

1.) He was attracted to my crazy and instead of being scared, he got a warm fuzzy feeling when I erupted. He was scared and amused simultaneously; and

2.) He has always been your refuge. You would run to him and he would make everything alright.

Your dad just loves being your anchor, it’s all he needs to be happy. If you are happy he is happy.

You know I’m not physically present but I’m always smiling ear-to-ear, my star is burning bright for who you have become and who you are going to be.

You were born with charm and an outgoing personality. You have learned to be resilient. You are becoming assertive, bold and confident.

You are seven today and blooming into something special.

Happy Birthday Evie Harper Byrne.

❤️ Mummy.

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