The Pursuit of Success Is Its Own Success.

2 Jul 24

By Dominic Byrne

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Often, when I start reading a book and making notes, I end up down internet rabbit holes: deciphering meaning, learning more about a topic or googling someone’s name. I am down one of those rabbit holes right now with a book I picked up at the airport bookstore: Hidden Potential – The Science of Achieving Greater Things by Adam Grant.

I ended up sidetracked in attempting to identify the meaning of happiness followed by the meaning of success. In doing so, I stumbled across a quote that resonates.

The Pursuit of Success Is Its Own Success.

It looks to be attributed to,Noah benShea, a poet and author of many books including The Journey to Greatness and How to Get There.

I landed on one of his articles in the Psychology Today journal and thought I’d elaborate on his post. Emphasising the importance of effort, and growth experienced while working towards success. This perspective values personal development, learning, and perseverance, implying that the process itself brings a form of success, regardless of the final outcome.

Miley Cyrus was really onto something with “The Climb” huh!?.

To become better at anything, whether in our careers, relationships, or personal endeavours, we must first focus on improving ourselves. This involves cultivating virtues like courage, justice, temperance and wisdom. Unfortunately, our society often instils the belief that greatness is something external, something that can be measured by accolades, wealth, or fame. This misconception leads us to chase after an ever-elusive goal, constantly feeling that we are never quite enough. True greatness, however, is an intrinsic quality. It is already within us, waiting to be recognised and developed. This internal greatness requires us to be genuine, to have a solid moral character, and to be unwavering in our pursuit of personal growth.

When we appreciate the greatness within us and actively pursue it, we begin to embody it. This pursuit is not about reaching a final destination but the continuous journey of self-improvement and self-discovery. Every effort we make to better ourselves, no matter how small, is a step toward greatness. Each milestone we achieve and each challenge we overcome serves as a testament to our growth and resilience. This journey is a form of success because it reflects our dedication to becoming the best versions of ourselves. Embracing this process means celebrating every small victory and recognising that every effort counts.

In today’s world, we often equate greatness with the number of followers we have on social media, our influence on public opinion, or our historical impact. However, these metrics are more about power and popularity than true greatness. True greatness is a measure of our character, our values, and our actions. It is about how we treat others, especially those who cannot do anything for us. It’s important to distinguish between superficial measures of success and the deeper, more meaningful aspects of greatness. External validation is fleeting and often insubstantial, whereas true greatness is enduring and deeply rooted in our sense of self.

Greatness is not limited to those in positions of power or authority. Everyone has the potential for greatness, regardless of their social or economic status. Those with power often face the challenge of remaining humble and using their influence for the greater good. True greatness is reflected in acts of kindness, compassion, and integrity, especially towards those less fortunate. It’s about recognising and embracing the power within oneself to make a positive impact. Achieving inner peace and overcoming personal insecurities is a significant triumph and a profound expression of greatness.

We often view greatness as a far-off goal, something we must strive towards tirelessly. However, greatness is not an alien concept but our natural state of being. We feel a sense of harmony and fulfilment when we act in ways that align with our highest values and authentic selves. The discomfort and dissatisfaction we experience when we are not living up to our potential are signals that we are out of alignment with our inherent greatness. This discomfort reminds us to return to our core values and strive to be our best selves. Recognising this helps us understand that greatness is always within reach and part of our identity.

Noah says; “Envision the journey to greatness as a welcome-home party where you have been waiting for you. This is your ride, your victory parade, your triumph of you. And oh yeah, on your journey be prepared to have some fun, because nothing, absolutely nothing feels better than feeling better.”

As you set out on your journey toward greatness, it’s essential to approach it with the right mindset. Equip yourself with a warm heart full of kindness, compassion, and empathy. These qualities will guide you in treating others with respect and understanding. Additionally, maintain an open mind, ready to learn, adapt, and grow. Be receptive to new ideas, experiences, and perspectives. This combination of a warm heart and an open mind will help you navigate the challenges along the way and enrich your journey, making it more meaningful and fulfilling.

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