22 Mar 19

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Evie asked me yesterday morning; “when is mummy not going to be died anymore?.” She is still grappling with her understanding around the sense of time which is simply an age thing.

She cuddles and smells Lou’s things very passionately, as though she is cuddling mummy herself.  She puts on Lou’s makeup with slightly less finesse…..LOL. She always looks beautiful.

Evie Pops talks about Lou non-stop. I think it’s great. She has even stepped up her daily mentions to singing.

Evie and Georgie at the shops

Two of m fave girls. Makes smiling effortless.

I secretly taped Lil Poppa on the way to the shops on Thursday morning while she was ad libitum with The G Meister (Georgie).

Two of my hands down favourite people in the world happily punching tunes out about Lou Lou.

I mentioned writing a song a few posts back. Looks like my prayers have been answered with this banger. I am going to call it; “Give Me My Mum, Kiss Me To Myself.”

We can stretch out “I want you to be in my heart” into a chorus of some sort.

Classic. You’re the best Evie!! xx


  1. Oh she’s just gorgeous! What a beautiful way for her to keep her mum in her life everyday. Ps. I love reading your posts, as long as they help you I hope you keep writing them..

  2. Dear Dom, we don’t know each other but we have some friends in common. I have become aware of your family’s great loss and read back through this extraordinary chronicle of your journey. It’s obvious that you are a close family full of love and Louise’s life was imbued with this to the absolute hilt.

    My thought for wee Evie is that she might benefit from having a mentor/big sister figure in her life, say in their late teens or early 20s, who also lost their mum at a young age. Are there any cancer orgs etc that facilitate these introductions? If not, perhaps they should. Evie’s experience is so intense and personal and sadly I know from experience how crucial it can be to be understood by someone who has walked the very same path.

    Wishing you all strength and support in your journey forward together.

    • Thanks Amie. Nice of you to reach out and say hi. I am not sure if there are any organisations that offer specific mentoring like that. It’s a good idea.

      Thanks for your kind words. x

  3. Absolute classic, brought me to tears, seriously so beautiful. Thank you for sharing and continuing to write, I check often as a way to feel connected to Lou. Peace to you and your family xxx

  4. Love that little Evie can create such magic tunes about her mum. There’s a lot in that little ditti Dom… Just beautiful. Lou would love it!!! Hope you’re doing ok xx

  5. Evie’s song is the best!!
    It will be so great that she can look back on this to see how much she spoke and sang about Beautiful Lou Lou!!
    Just reading some of your blogs iVe missed, have the beach to myself at Sirius Cove, Perfect time to reflect, to think about Lou Lou and have a good cry!!
    Happy Wedding Anniversary!
    The love you shared was so inspiring, so beautiful, so real X

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