30 Apr 19

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

When Lou turned 40 this time last year, it was during a very short period that we thought she was cancer free. Our original plan was to throw a big combined 40th birthday party when she was feeling 100% and we were confident the nightmare was behind us.

At the last minute, Lou decided to organise a party at short notice with close family and friends.  She loved a party and she loved being the centre of attention, I’m really glad she organised this get together and seized the opportunity. Unfortunately, even though you hear the optimism in the words of the poem, this birthday would be her last. 😔

Forever 40, Forever Young, Forever Beautiful, Forever Fun…

I’m pleased I made the time in April last year to pen a little poem to celebrate this milestone.

Happy 41st Birthday Lou Lou. You’re still the centre of attention on this day but we celebrate in your painful absence. Thanks for the 40 great years you gave this world. xx

Cheers for taking the video J Boy. At the time I didn’t care but now I’m happy we have preserved this memory with some footage. The full-length video of the speeches is here.

(the kids made some beautiful cards for Louise, I will post them tonight……)

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  1. Despite being there to celebrate for Lous birthday party it is a real treat to hear this speech again and relive it.
    Lots of tears and love for Lou ❤️

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