27 May 21

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Acceptance is a real mess.

Last year was a struggle, no denying that. Stages of grief are not linear however some literature will tell you that after being down in the dumps you should turn the corner to a more positive state.

As far as the “stages” are suggested to play out, the final stage of grief is acceptance. The reason this phase is a mess is it’s essentially the new reality.

In an attempt to heal, there is an opposing emotional tide of not actually wanting to feel better as this means there is a distance growing between you and the person you lost.

I will never feel ok about losing Louise but there is an overarching objective to accept that your new reality is here to stay. The new reality is a change to everything you do and everyone you meet.

How do I embrace the present and the foreseeable future when it wasn’t in the playbook? How do I garner good memories for positive growth?

I feel I have to take ownership. Embrace the new priorities. Attempt to normalise my life. Be open to new experiences and relationships.

It’s so hard though.

I feel better this year but It’s still very tough.

Accepting You Are Out Of Reach. I don’t Want to. But I should. ?!?!?

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