20 Feb 19

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Dear Noah,

Happy Birthday. Six years old today, wow.

Before you drifted off to sleep last night you said you wanted to “give Mumma a cuddle.” Evie then repeated the exact same words you said. Sure she wants to cuddle and kiss mummy as much as you do, but the reason she is your little mimicking parrot is that she emulates you. She thinks you’re the best.

It’s not just Evie that looks up to you, I do too, I think you’re amazing and if I was a six-year-old kid again, I’d want to be just like you. You have astonished me over the last six months. I am so proud to be your Dad.

You are so brave. In Germany, without a fuss,  you allowed me to care for your mum all day every day while you hung out with Evie and Grandma. At night when you and Evie were desperate for me to stay, you knew Evie would be extremely upset if I left the apartment. The fact that you would say; “Daddy, when Evie is asleep, you can sneak out and go and look after mummy” still impresses me. It always will.

Noah Byrne and his mum

You always made Mumma smile…..

I broke a lot of promises to you in Germany while trying to keep mummy alive. You never got to go skiing and we never took a fast train to another city. We weren’t even meant to be in Germany, we were meant to be in Canada on a family holiday. For you, most days were Groundhog Day in a regional cold German suburb. You never complained.

Everyone loves you. You are kind, generous, emotional, thoughtful, funny and loving. You are endlessly praised by all.

Your Kindy teacher said last year; “You are wonderful. Thank you for adding positivity, happiness, and joy to KB. Your kind caring nature makes you a fantastic team player and a beautiful friend. You make sure everyone is included and always help out if a friend is in need. Your bright smile lights up our classroom every day and we are so lucky to have you in KB.”

Yesterday your new 1G teacher said, “I love having Noah in my class.”

You’re a very special boy. The biggest founding reason you are so exceptional is because of your mum. Always remember she is the one that guided you to become who you are and why. If you ever feel a little off-track simply ask yourself, “how would mummy like me to be right now?”

Noah and Evie saying goodbye to Daddy at airport

Lucky Dad.

Noah, this is your first birthday without your mum. I know you always hear me talk about how hard she tried to stay here on this earth and look after you. She wanted to care for you until you had kids of your own. In the coming years, I will detail how hard she also tried to bring you into this world.  Years of failed attempts and doctors support so that she could grow you in her tummy. She always said to me she’s so glad it took that long and that we had perpetual unsuccessful bids because if we hadn’t of, we wouldn’t have ended up with you.

There aren’t enough words to describe how much your mum loved you. You loved her the same.

I know you will be a little trooper today and march off to school with a smile on your face, leaving people proud in your wake. Your grandpa has said since you could walk and talk; “that kid is going to be something special, ” and I know he means an overachiever in a field yet determined. Regardless of what you do in life, you are already something special.

Noah Byrne with Grandpa

“that kid is going to be something special”

I love you. I love you as much as your mummy did and you know that’s a lot.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful.


(I know there are some words in this letter that are not on your site word list but I’ll explain them so it all makes sense)

The last night mummy stayed in the apartment

Noah, this is the last night mum stayed with us in the apartment. She was asleep and you put yourself to bed with her, you hopped in and fell asleep like this….


  1. Happy birthday Nonos. I know your mumma would be looking down on you today with such pride. You really are remarkable…just like she was. And I’m calling it now…you will find the cure for cancer so other families don’t have to endure the heartache we have all felt at the hands of this evil disease. Go Noah and be great xxx

  2. Mate this is heart-wrenching stuff. What a little champion! Happy birthday to you Noah and I hope to meet you one day soon. It would be an honour. Keep smiling all and make your mum proud.

  3. Noah, I‘m in Africa right now, still following up… even though I‘m a little late: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You made our days special when you visited us and if you ever want to do the nice things you were planning to do in Germany, please let us know, we‘d be happy to host all of you!!! All the best & a huge hug from Ghana!!! Kirsten

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