9 Oct 21

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

What Lockdown??

Noah, Evie and I left our home for a 10-day road trip on the 24th of June. A scheduled 10 days on the road turned into 107 days of running. The intention was to cruise up the coast to the Goldie and hit all the theme parks to get our buzz on. Queensland shut up shop and Sydney went into meltdown, so the Byrne’s turned into Covid Ninja’s and just kept running…..

Newcastle, Milbrodale, One Mile Beach, Nerong, Newcastle, Nowra, Braidwood, Nowra, Newcastle, Mildbodale, Singletone, Newcastle, Shoal Bay, Newcastle, Canberra, Thredbo, Burringbar, Stokers Siding, Braidwood, Newcastle, Braidwood, Newcastle, Scone, Sydney.

We loved every minute (except homeschooling) and didn’t do a day of lockdown.

Today we go home to our own comfy bed (yes one bed three humans). No place like home.

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