Be grateful for your time with your kids

13 Jul 23

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

I haven’t been very active on my blog but no news is good news. I have continued to write a short diary entry (new habit ) most days, either preparing for the day ahead, reflecting on the day that was, reminding me of the wisdom I have learned, pondering a thought or asking myself “What I am grateful for?”

Asking yourself what you’re grateful for or simply realising what you’re grateful for is super powerful. Talking about what you’re grateful for with your family or writing it down helps you feel positive emotions, be more optimistic, motivated and feel better about yourself.

I’ve entered this period of my life where I feel a sense of freedom, flexibility and opportunity. My children are increasingly becoming more independent, they enjoy spending time with cousins, grandparents and friends without me, they do more things for themselves and they are improved helpers around the house. This organically is giving me more time and it’s refreshing.

For years I wholeheartedly embraced the three of us moving as one unit all the time and everywhere. Noah and Evie needed me, they needed my love, and they needed me to fill the space that Lou overflowed for them. The kids still need me but the amount is slightly less. They are realising that I deserve my own time and they’re learning that I need to care for myself to care for them.

I’ve chosen to use a big portion of my spare time to have more one-on-one adventures with each of my little monkeys.

I’m extremely grateful for this duple time that I get.

Noah and Dad in Thredbo Easter Holidays
swim on the baths at balmoral beach australia

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