21 Feb 22

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It


Today you are nine years of age. Your last year in single digits.

I can’t believe you were only six years old when I left. Such a heavy load to bear when you were so young. Your shoulders are so broad and strong though, I’m in awe of the way you tick off the days with strength and happiness.

I’ve felt your pain lately beautiful boy. I know you’ve been missing me more than ever.

Thanks for talking to me in Fiji. I can’t grant your ultimate wish to see me on this earth again but I can help you achieve your dreams buddy. I walk beside you every day, I am your angel for eternity.

The more I’ve observed you over the last three years, the more I believe that you can be anything you want to be. Your potential is limitless Noah.

Your dad and I don’t care what you choose to do in life. In sports, arts or academics but we do know that you can be the best of what you choose. You have been blessed with a brain that combined with your own cultivated attitude and perseverance, you can achieve anything.

Everybody loves you. People want to spend time with you. Your friends glow in your company and their parents adore having you around. People are better for having you in their lives.

Stay motivated my boy, I am excited to see what you become.

Love Mummy.

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