20 Apr 19

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

I have such positive memories of you and the way you appear in my thoughts. My momentary or flash style thoughts of you typify who you were; happy, excitable, motivated, high energy, contagious with affection………



  1. So beautiful Dom .. you are so strong and doing such a great job with your beautiful children .. stay strong ..

  2. Happy anniversary ! Those rabbits are the luckiest to have you as their dad! What beautiful words . You had a lifetime of adventures in your relationship . You are giving us all life lessons thank you

  3. You’re an incredibly strong man Dom and just the best Dad those rabbits could have. Lou would be so proud of you. How awesome to have these 2 weeks just focusing on you and the kids and remembering Lou so thoughtfully. Keeping her in our hearts even more over this week x

  4. Beautiful words and reflection Dom. Happy Anniversary. Thinking of you and glad you’re having a great time with your two gorgeous minis xxxx

  5. Happy Amniversary.

    Such beautiful lovely words of your adventurous fun and loving relationship with Lou Dom. You are doing such an amazing job as a Mum and Dad and Lou would be so so proud of you.

    Take care

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