5 Dec 18

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Good morning Australia 🇦🇺. Lou had another 1.5 litres of fluid removed from her right lung yesterday. That’s twice in seven days. 😩

The good news is that she had her best day today since we have been in Germany, and we’ve been here for three weeks already……..I know right.

Hopefully, this means she can skype to all 464 (and counting) party goers……

It’s midnight Wednesday here in Bad Homburg, 10am Thursday for you. I hope you’ve polished your party shoes and got your drinking hats on. 💃 🕺🏽

I’ll continue to update this page with content before, during and after the party MOFO’s.  Everyone loves to party.


Welcome: Jon McConkey, MC

Main Speeches: Jon McConkey, Dominic Byrne and Louise DeCelis


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