15 Dec 22

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Little Puffin Rabbit. I have not felt any prouder. To see your peers standing around you today with your award in your hand. Any problems I think I have, just vanished.

Evie showing her award to her friends at school
Such a beauty, inside and out.

Your mum is proud of you every day but today she is dancing from star to star with an abundance of joy.

‘Mumma’ mentioned in her birthday letter; how much you have matured this year, sprouting into a big girl with confidence and the early signs of independence. Well, this is confirmation right here, sign sealed and delivered in your final week of year two. At the closing school assembly, on stage, for all to see.

When I got home from assembly and sent the pics around on the family chat. I got a little emotional and had a wee little cry. I felt so happy for you and I unashamedly felt so happy for me. I make you and your brother the centre of my universe and people’s positive opinions of you is all the validation I need that we’re all heading down the right path.

Sometimes that path may be a little bumpy but I will always shelter you so it’s a smooth journey to where you want to be. You and your brother do much of the walking on your own now but I will always be here to hold your hand and carry you up the steep bits. You don’t know it but when the path is bumpy for me, you carry me too. Today you lifted me up high above the clouds and the view was breathtaking.

I love you, Evie Byrne. You are a light that burns so brightly, you are my light, and you keep my fire going.

Well done today beautiful girl!!

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