13 Jan 19

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Noah wants to go on another date with his mumma and watch the sunset and drink lemonade.


  1. Such a brave man Dom, your fighting spirit is admirable. Louise will watch over you and the kids from far above. Never far always near.

  2. God bless you and your beautiful, strong children. Kids are amazing, they will give you strength during this nighmare. Always know that Lou will always be remembered for the amazing person she was and she will always will alive in your children’s hearts. Heaven got a new Angel. Xxx

    • Thank You, Sarah. The kids keep amazing me of their bravery, resilience, and strength. They keep me moving forward.

    • Thanks Bec. Louise has left enough of a mark on the kids to ensure they remain as special as she was.

  3. Your babies are beautiful and so lucky to have you as their Dad Dom. Safe travels home, you have an extra special angel watching over the three of you now xx

  4. What beautiful and thoughtful children, you are right to be so proud of them. I’m sure you have some really tough times ahead but you’re clearly doing such a great job at understanding and managing their needs. My thoughts are with you and your extended family and friends xx

  5. So sorry to hear about Lou’s passing Dominic. She fought hard until the end. Thinking of you, Noah, Evie and all your family. Sending positive thoughts and wishes during this difficult time.

  6. I’ve never met any of you. Followed from afar as a friend of Trines. Im so so sorry for your incredible loss. Heartbreaking. What wonderful children. I’d be proud too. Thinking of you all. Sophie x

  7. What amazing children they are Dom. Sending you all the strength in the world at this very difficult time

    • Thanks Candice. Good to see you briefly on Friday and have a quick hug. Louise always had very glowing things to say about you. xx

  8. Dear Noah & Evie
    I’ll always remember the first time I met your Mumma. It was about 8 years ago, in 2011, we were working at Optus and she bounced up to my desk so full of energy, positive, and friendly. Everybody liked working with Lou, and she wasn’t just fun to be around, your Mumma was a really hard worker and really good at her job. I haven’t seen her since she left Optus to have you Noah, but we’ve kept in contact through Facebook and watched each other’s families grow. About a year ago she saw that I’d been volunteering at a kitchen providing meals for homeless people. Given what she was going through I thought it was amazing that she could even think about giving up her time to help others. Just an example of the kind of person she was. She said in her reply to me that after the year she’d been through it just made her want to do this kind of thing more.
    I’m out of the country at the moment so won’t be there to celebrate your Mumma’s life today. I’m thinking of you both and just wanted to give you my memories of your Mumma. Big hugs Genevieve xxx

    • Hi Genevieve, thanks for such a nice message. It’s good that these threads can be preserved for the kids to read at some stage in the future. These messages will be little building blocks that ensure they grow into special people like their mum. x

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