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6 Feb 24

By Dominic Byrne

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I thought I’d revisit a post from 31 August 2022 as it’s something that’s been a key positive ingredient in my mental health. If you’re reading this and you haven’t tried this technique, I urge you to give it a crack. I use it for the negative feelings that decide to knock on my door.

Last week I revisited this post so I could copy and paste the instructions to someone needing a refresh.

The Letting Go Technique, as introduced by Dr. David R. Hawkins, is a process aimed at releasing emotional attachments and overcoming negative thoughts and feelings. Dr. Hawkins was a psychiatrist, spiritual teacher, and author known for his work in consciousness and human potential.

The letting go technique is outlined in his book “Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender.” I dropped my old video at the bottom of this page starting with the instructions.

This profound self-development book offers a roadmap to release emotional burdens, unlock inner peace, and embrace a life of fulfillment

Here is a refresh of the process:

Awareness and Acceptance: Begin by becoming aware of your emotions, thoughts, and feelings. This is often instant as certain negative feelings can imminently rage, although I also have anxious feelings that arise and catch me off guard for no perceived reason.  Acknowledge and accept these feelings without judgment. This involves being honest with yourself about what you are experiencing.

Feel the Emotion: Allow yourself to fully feel the emotion without resistance. Experience it without trying to suppress, deny, or amplify it. Let the emotion flow through you without attachment.

Identify the Sensations: Pay attention to any physical sensations associated with the emotion. This could include tension in the body, a knot in the stomach, or other bodily reactions. This acknowledgement on occasion makes me feel physically sick as the feeling rises from the pit in my stomach, through my oesophagus and wants to physically exit my mouth.  Identify and observe these sensations without judgment.

Resist the Urge to Label: Refrain from labelling the emotion as good, bad or ugly. Instead, view it as a passing experience. Recognise that emotions are temporary and that they do not define who you are.

Ask Yourself “Could I Let This Go?”:

Ask yourself if you are willing to let go of the emotion. This is not about forcing yourself to let go but rather being open to the possibility. The question is an invitation to release the attachment to the emotion.

Choose to Let Go: Make a conscious decision to let go of the emotion. This involves a willingness to surrender and release the grip that the emotion has on you. It’s not about suppressing or denying but about allowing the emotion to dissipate. I understand that sometimes a feeling is so acute because the negative emotions is so powerful and painful that it may not dissipate at all. In these situations it may need more attempts but without ever forcing it.

Feel the Release: As you choose to let go, observe any shifts in your emotional state. You may feel a sense of relief, lightness, or clarity. Allow yourself to experience the release without expectation. Hopefully you get a depressurising feeling of some type.

Repeat as Necessary: The letting go process can be repeated as needed. It’s a tool that can be applied to various emotions and situations. Over time, with practice, it may become more natural to release emotions as they arise. This has been the case for me. Especially for day to day negative feelings that are incurred. I use it for the smallest of things like someone cutting me off or failing to acknowledge I created a space for them in a bumper to bumper traffic situation. I have used the technique for many big feelings too; accidents, loss, failure, embarrassment, disappointment, fears, work deadlines, public speaking, sadness, anger and frustration. It does work.

Dr. Hawkins emphasises that the letting go technique is not a form of repression or suppression but rather a way to allow emotions to pass through without creating unnecessary suffering. The goal is to move towards a state of inner peace and higher consciousness. Who doesn’t want that right?

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