18 Oct 18

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Lou is officially off the trial as her primary liver tumour has doubled in size and she has more lesions.

Her three Aussie Onco’s advise we start chemo on Monday (gemcitabine and carboplatin). The positive’s are:

  • We don’t have a better option right now
  • It is a combination that has worked for TNBC patients before and its a class of drug Lou has not previously tested *except a single round of carbo in Sept last year
  • Gemcitabine (one of three chemos) came up in the RGCC test as a drug that Lou may be sensitive to
  • We can change tact and come back to this if we prefer another option in the coming days
  • We should be doing something over nothing
  • We are off the trial so we can do all of Lou’s complementary treatments (get her back on the disciplined health wagon)

The Negative’s for me are:

  • Lou may not handle carboplatin (*hospitalised once before)
  • Lou is so far chemorefractory and chemo is simply horrible
  • I don’t like the fact we are meant to stay on this cocktail for three months before assessment

We’re still waiting for Foundation One and Onco Deep results to potentially give us direction. We’ve got a heads up that the Foundation One may not offer anything fruitful so we’re hoping the Onco Deep may.

We have four other practitioners we’re in conversation with, some of these leading to potential options that we will continue to pursue.

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  1. Hi Dominic
    I don’t know you, however I knew Louise when we were growing up.
    The strength of Louise and yourself is inspirational, I follow both your posts and I am inspired by Louises strength. I pray that Louise will get through this and think of your family often. I am sending all the positive vibes your way. Xxx

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