19 Jul 18

By Louise DeCelis

Hi, I'm Lou! A mum, an adventurous spirit, travel lover, family gal, lucky wife, and an unshakable optimist. In 2017, at just 39 I was diagnosed with aggressive Triple Negative Breast Cancer. After a year of treatment, my cancer had metastasized to my Liver and Rib bone, where it currently resides. After experiencing the enormous difference fitness and diet made for my recovery, general health and happiness it’s my mission to share that with women living with a cancer diagnosis, everywhere. Join me as we journey to wellness together!

Feel free to leave a message of encouragement, tell us your story, make us laugh or just say hi. 


  1. I just want to say I think you are both so incredibly inspiring. You really are. You are such powerful people and remind me of what strength, loVe and dedication really is made of.. I am so happy you are my family.
    LoVe Meg.

  2. I love reading both your posts! You are so full of inspiration and love, your posts both bring me to tears and make me smile. And I love the stories of Noah and Evie, such a special little family. Thinking of you and praying for you everyday Lou! Xxx

  3. thoughts are with you and family-cancer seems to choose the best people-your strength and courage is inspiring

  4. Hey Guys

    Linda ( was known to Lou under a different surname. Was under Paul Burns in the projects team).

    Loved your website and call to post in the visitors book.

    For a laugh. I don’t know jokes though hope you can see the humour in the below.

    Both my husband and I have this catalogue going of things we pronounce incorrectly.

    1. Driving past I saw a sign that read “yogatogo”. I said it all as one. Only to realise it is actually not a one word sign. It was Yoga To Go.

    2. In Hawaii my husband (Stu) saw the beer menu at yardhouse on our 1st night. Being his 1st trip he read from the menu ( when reading it say it out loud the way it is written first) ” Kos Cue Sko”. He soon realised what had happened. The beer in fact was Kosciuszko.

    Hope you found that funny. There are many more in our 5 years together.

    Look forward to seeing you guys on 6.Dec. xoxoxo

  5. Your courage and the way your whole family has shared this journey is beautiful and inspiring. I pray most earnestly that Louise will be healed.

  6. Love and strength to you both and to your beautiful children who have wonderful parents. You are remarkable people.

  7. Dear Louise,
    I’m a mum of a Year 4 boy at BSS and heard your story through he school network. I just want to wish you courage and strength to meet your challenges and we send our thoughts and best wishes to you and your family.
    x Tamara and Ollie Lazzaro

  8. Such strength from the both of you. Sending masses of love. Bummed we can’t be there at the fundraiser.
    Keep at it Lou. We’re with you. Cx

  9. We love you Lou, a flawless sprit, positive, passionate and humble.

    Made a small donation I hope it helps.

    Stay strong xoxoxo

  10. Hi Lou,
    It has been quite a few years since our paths have crossed, but I still remember going to your house with Cara before we hit the town back in uni days and you taught me how to do some awesome eye makeup!!! I will never forget it! Haha 🙂
    I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you so much and have been reading every brave word you and Dom have so openly shared with us. Dan and I have kids of a similar age to you guys, and it just breaks my heart when I hear what you are going through. I really just cannot imagine.
    But wow, I have never come across anyone with such courage and determination. What an inspiration you are. You guys are a formidable team and if anyone is going to kick this thing, you are. Keep up the good fight and #fuckcancer!
    We look forward to seeing you at the fundraiser.
    Sending constant love and prayers your way.
    Jane Wilmott (Forndran) xoxoxo

  11. Just fell over this in the online news. Such a devastating illness. I’ve been reading a lot lately about cancer and diet. Have you already looked into this. Hubby and I have been working on changes since he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and what I have found out is mind blowing. Lots of stuff we eat every day is so bad for us but no one tells us. I know many who have gone carnivore and just above that to get healthy. I know it sounds crazy but maybe research it and try it. One doctor I know had a benign brain tumor and had all the usual treatments then went very low carbohydrate diet and got well again. I guess in the end there is no guarantee but anything is worth trying to say around for your kids to grow up. Good luck, best wishes and hope you can stay positive

  12. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families. I am in awe at your strength and bravery Louise and your will to stay here for your babies. I pray you can access the medical trials you need to and I pray you get to live a long life with your husband and babies. I wish you all the courage and love in this world to keep fighting the good fight xx

  13. Dear Lou and family,

    You are amazing. I am completely in awe of you and my heart and prayers are with you to beat this awful disease. May your strength and the love of those around you help you to fight always.

    Warmest and biggest hugs, Marcia and family (Sacred Heart parents)

  14. Dear Lou,
    I have not met you, but to have married Dom you must be brave, tough and have a big heart! Carry these traits with you into your days ahead. My brother and dad both have had significant cancer over the past 20 years, and have either lived a happy life with it, or have beaten it. I pray for the best for you, Dom and your family.

  15. Lou,
    Incredibly brave and inspirational…you couldn’t be a better and braver example to all of us if you tried. Sending every good wish!!

  16. Dear Family, my thoughts are with you, I donated a small amount for your treatment/children/family/Love for each other, I wish I had more money for if I had, I would give more. Sending Healing Angels in abundance to you and your family, that they may embrace you with Love and Peace and Healing for you all !
    With Much Love and Hugs
    Michaela and Family

  17. Wishing you all the very best with your treatment Louise. And sending you and your beautiful family lots of love, from our family to yours. From Brian, Alicia, Jared & Reece xoxoxox

  18. Hi guys, having been in a similar medical situation my heart goes out to you both and your little family. Every situation is different as our family knows first hand. My daughter has been fighting thyroid cancer which progressed to her lungs and the outcome was not good. It has been a long hard struggle for her and I am sure she has felt like giving up many times as life has been very difficult. So many treatments, changing doctors, trying alternative therapies, vitamins, etc etc.
    can I suggest joining Instagram and following Anthony Williams, Medical Medium protocol. Honestly celery juice and aPlant based diet as our bodies are designed to heal itself if we feed it the right things. Please at least read some of the testimonials where Anthony has helped so many seriously sick people return to better health.
    Sending love and positive thoughts thoughts you all
    Lyn M

  19. Sitting here reading about your journey whilst I pat my baby to sleep with tears in my eyes for your babies.

    I just cannot imagine what you are going through, and will be thinking about you.
    What an amazing mum you are. I have made a donation for you, and wish you the very best of luck. Xxx

  20. Louise sorry I have tried to write s story about this amazing drug but not being
    Message savvy have lost it twice
    Ask your drs about Keytruda
    It saved my cousins life and has had great results Keytruda
    Very good luck
    Hugs Chrissy

  21. It’s incredible how I don’t know you but your story has really affected me – beautiful people, gorgeous family – feeling so much love for you I’d like to think there is healing power in that. There is. Abundant love to you all throughout everything.

  22. Fuck cancer and it’s insidious cruel tortuous effect on families. May you be held in the palm of his hand and slowly elevate the middle finger to the cancer beast! Hold them close and whisper your love for them – they’ll never forget. Xx

  23. I’m lying in bed with my 3 year old daughter next to me and there is a blank space on the other side this is where her mum and my wife should be. Tomorrow my beautiful wife has been gone for 5 months cancer the little f”#ker as she would call it took her from us.. I made three promises to my wife before she past
    1 to raise our daughter the way we discussed
    2 to take her ashes back to her native country of Finland
    3 to help others and raise awarness

    If there is anything I can do please get in contact with me.

    I would always say that we don’t stop fighting until the fightings done a quote from one of my favourite films,

    Much love from my family to yours. Tim and Laney

  24. Thoughts and well wishes for your road to recovery, Louise. You’re both being very brave, I hope they find a suitable treatment for you very soon. xx

  25. May you travel safely through your journey to recovery. I am so hoping you will find what you seek. Good Luck!

  26. Lou, Dom and your beautiful children, so sorry that we can not be there on the night (I am about to have my 3rd baby) but have donated the price of our tickets directly to you. Your strength is empowering and please understand that we are thinking of you all the time. We hope so very much that everything you are doing means you have more time with your family and that one day soon you can stick that middle finger up to the most hated c word on the planet. Love and positive thoughts always xxx

  27. Louise and family – your story was brought to our attention by your friends the Lyne family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, you are truly inspirational and your courage in battling this illness is humbling.

    We wish you all the very best Louise.

    Be well,

    Aidan and Sharon

  28. Hi Lou, I’ve only met you once (via our daughters’) but you gave me an impression of what a strong, positive and lovely person you are. I pray that you and your family continue to have the strength you need and your treatment does well. Thinking of you. Much love, Orchid x
    P.s. EJ says ‘hi’ to Evie. 🙂

  29. Hi Lou,

    I’ve never met you but from the sound of it, you’re a pretty amazing Woman, Mum and Wife. I went to school briefly with Dom some 20 years ago. In my family, both my Dad, his brother and my Godfather have all had prostrate cancer and my Mum’s side have heart issues. It’s not easy fighting Cancer, but from what I’ve seen and experienced, keeping a positive active mind helps a lot.

    Sending you all my positive energy, strength and well wishes. Sorry I won’t be able to make your party, but have made a donation instead. Lots of love to you all, Jean-Paul x

  30. Many times in recent months I’ve been brought to tears by your posts. I can’t possibly imagine what you and your family is going through, but your story makes me want to be a better mum, wife and person and to be so so grateful for what I have. I can’t make it tonight, but have left a donation and am sending well wishes, Nicki (a friend of Elysia and Jon’s)

  31. Hello from the U.S. Sweet Louise came to live with me and my family when she was about 14. I am a year younger than her and adored all she was and did. I loved our time together and was teased at school for how I had become a Louise clone. Wearing all her clothes, perfume, make-up. She was just so cool. When she left she gave me a teddy bear and created for me a beautiful scrapbook of our time together. She was so kind to me. So loving. I never had a sister and she became one to me in that season. She, and the entire family, are so on my thoughts and heart these days. I continue to check the blog for updates and feel so helpless and far away. Sending such love and prayers for peace, peace, peace to flood the room and Noah and Evie’s precious little minds and hearts. Thank you Dom for all you’re doing keeping the world updated on our precious Lou.

  32. Hi,
    I am a cancer researcher at the University of Western Australia that has been following this tragic but stoic journey. I am compelled to work faster and harder and stop this horrible disease from touching so many beautiful people.
    Thank you for sharing, there are important lessons to be learned from Lou’s story.

  33. Hello Dom, Noah and Evie,
    I’m not sure if you remember me, I’m the former director of the Oac Mosman campus. I have only just heard the very sad news of Lou’s passing. I cannot believe it. I have very happy memories of your family, my chats with Lou, she made me laugh – she was so hilarious. My team and I used to sometimes say ‘you know, there are just some Mums who are totally awesome, I’d just love to have a wine with Noah and Evie’s Mum’! I remember one Christmas, she and Noah did some paining together, he painted me a little bluey green canvas, which is still hanging in my lounge room! Just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you during what I’m sure is a very tough time. It sounds like you’re surrounded by lots of beautiful family and friends. Xxxx

    • Hi Mel, Thanks so much for sharing this story with me. Such a nice message. How cool that you have a painting from Noah. xx

  34. Hello and thank you!

    We seem to have a similar story. (Diagnosed TNBC same year and with same areas of mets currently)
    Your info here is on point and I’m so happy you are feeling well and have so much love and support around you. Id love to talk as I want to explore what options I have besides my current treatment.
    Be well! Lets beat this thing!
    In love and Light
    Frances H

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