19 Aug 18

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

We kicked off with a biopsy on Monday morning (13 August). Three samples were taken from Lou’s ninth rib. One was a standard sample, one for the Immunotherapy Trial and one for the MoST trial.

On Tuesday Lou started Radiotherapy. This localised radiation was continued on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. She has one more session on Monday.

We met with Professor Rick Kefford and his primary breast care practitioner – Jenny Gilchrist. This was basically an Immunotherapy Trial Inception Meeting. Everything seems set for the trial and a start date in the week of the 27th. We’re waiting on final paperwork from the drug company, this is expected on Monday the 20th.

It was good to hear that “we wouldn’t have done anything differently” from Jenny, in regards to the last twelve months. Jenny and Rick looked at four possible studies, all phase one trials, three are Immunotherapy and one is chemotherapy. The other two IT trials are “Seastone” and “HLX.” The reason we have gone with the JAVELIN Paarp Medley is the timing of the trial. The study isn’t open yet and they already have `people waiting from all over the country. Lou’s cancer type and age help us be a candidate for the trial.

On Tuesday night Dom spoke with Professor Allan Spigelman. Allan backed up the current plan of attack. He wants a copy of Lou’s BRCA tests.

Louise spoke with Elgene Lim on Friday afternoon. Elgene personally collected Lou’s third tumour sample from The Mater. Elgene’s team already has individual mutated cancer cells in mice. This separate tumour gene test will take six weeks which should be about the same time the Immunotherapy trial checks/scans will take place. Hopefully, this gives us evidence-based options if Lou isn’t responding to the trial.

Mice in The MoST trial for Louise's Tripple negative breast cancer trial

Poor Little Guys!

We’ve initiated multiple conversations for both traditional and nontraditional medicine options with the aim of understanding all avenues of treatment possibility.

We’re extremely happy with the appointments, connections and ongoing research achieved in the past two weeks.

Evie, our youngest is throwing up and has a high fever this morning. Just to keep us on our toes.

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