9 Feb 24

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the demands of family and work.

As we navigate hectic schedules, we often overlook the importance of prioritising our very own wellness. The saying, “If you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for your illness,” serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of taking proactive steps to maintain our health.

I’ve been documenting my goals, creating my theme, defining my purpose and organising my priorities for 2024, and a pillar for this year is my wellness being at the core.

Last year I worked on a really solid foundation, a new base to layer stronger years for my mind, body and soul to withstand life’s onslaught. The proceeding structure needs to be tough, tough as nails.

Any many situations we often don’t have control over illness, wealth or poverty, accidents and injury, even life or death – these events are ‘indifferent’. We need to be able to handle these events that are out of our control, or dwelling on them can bring misery for not just us but the people around us.

I’ve lived more years than I have left on this wonderful planet and I will enjoy the tail end with my children and their children.

As I stare down the barrel of 50, I have a prosperous future ahead, only, If I treat my health as my most valuable asset.

The biggest issue of not making wellness a life priority is you face the consequences of your choices years down the track and the cost is often very high.

The Time for Wellness is Now.

By adopting a proactive approach to wellness, we not only enhance our quality of life but also empower ourselves to face life’s challenges with resilience and vitality.

The choice to prioritise your wellness is a gift to your future self, ensuring a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

“The Best Time To Plant a Tree Was 30 Years Ago, and the Second Best Time To Plant a Tree Is Now.”

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