12 Oct 20

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

My little rabbit asks the the best questions.

Well they are the best because:

1.) She asks them all the time, often daily. Which means she’s always thinking about her mum but most importantly she is talking about her.

2.) They are difficult to answer. Especially because they are often about where mummy is and what she’s doing.

On the way to school this morning sitting cross-legged on the passenger seat in silence, tightly holding my hand and curiously staring at the sky, she says; “Dadda, does mummy get wet when it rains?”

♥️ ♥️ ♥️ 💔

Here are a couple of social posts that I pushed out when I was lucky to catch a moment of Evie’s beautiful pondering 👇🏻 ♥️

“I Wish My Mummy To Come Back!”
“Dadda, Can You Do That So You Can See Mummy?”

Many of the questions are based around Lou being high up in the sky as this is often where heaven is depicted. Evie also talks about Lou being a fairy or an angel, I guess any supernatural being with wings is going to be soaring high.

I really want to believe we carry on in some way after death but deep down I think when you stop breathing then that’s it. 😞

None the less, I too now blow out dandelions and say “I wish Mummy to come back!”

Like Evie Pops, I Often Gaze Out Wondering Where She Is And WTF Happened! (Pic Taken Watching a Beautiful North-Western Plains Sunset in Pilliga NSW – October 2020)

What do you think happens to us after death? Where is Lou Lou right now???

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