31 Aug 19

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Happy Fathers Day to my father-in-law, Les.

It’s Les’s first fathers day where his offspring is half of what it was the previous year. A day that no father wants to celebrate.

Les still has one beautiful daughter and he is no less a father, but he has to push on with a soul that may always bear a barren surface and fractured core.

Les is the most selfless guy I know.

He has had a dreadful run of bad luck in the last decade but he has toughed it out like a warrior. A durable combatant that his very own princess warrior would be proud of.

As a son, you don’t have a single say in the selection of your father-in-law, it’s a lottery. Jboy and I were delivered the winning ball with Les.

Les treats me like his own son. All the grandkids adore him. Lynda, Jboy, Elysia and “our” six kids and I are very lucky. The luckiest.

Happy fathers day Les. Today is one of those days you will simply want to wake up and the calendar skipped a day.

Keep trucking, I know you don’t know any other way.

Thanks for supporting me when your own foundation has been shattered.

Dad, Happy Fathers Day!

I pulled out all of the video testimonials of your 70th party screening (for contributors privacy) and published the still pics. The images speak thousands of words.

(Youtube pulled the video down due to music copyright – I’ll find another solution)

You’ve slogged your life out to provide five children all the opportunities we need. The biggest gift you’ve given me is leading by example and practically showing us, day-by-day, how it’s done.

You da best XX

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