12 Jan 19

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Today our hearts break, some into shattered irreparable pieces.

We’ll live another day but forever with a void gauged from our hearts.

You’re at peace now Beautiful Warrior.

Watch over Noah and Evie wherever you rest. I will ensure they continue to grow into special people, just like their “mumma”.

I said on the day we got engaged and on our wedding day; “I love you all the snowflakes in the western San Juan.” Just so you know, it was a metaphor for the world.

I love you all the snowflakes in the world.

Rest now Little Lou Lou.


  1. Sending all our love. So many wonderful adventures and memories. A friend who was always there for me. She is forever in my heart. Deb xx

  2. I am truly heartbroken for you, Noah and Evie. They will most definitely grow into special people like their Mum, she was an incredible woman. Sending all my love and thoughts to you and your family. Rest In Peace beautiful Lou xxx

  3. Rest In Peace beautiful Louise , no more suffering..You will be forever in my heart, and we all now have another angel to watch over us ..I know you are now with mum ( your beloved nan) who will take care of you. To Les, Lynda, Dom, Elysia, Evie and Noah I’m so sorry for the heartbreak that you are feeling,nothing can ever prepare you for such a sad loss. I’m sending love and hugs to you all ❤️ How lucky you were to have such a kind, vivacious, gorgeous, happy , spirited, fun loving , generous ……wife, mother, daughter and sister in your lives, who you have all made wonderful memories with that will stay with you forever .Louise will be sadly missed but never forgotten xxx Louise will always be my hero

  4. I’m so sorry Dom. Heart breaking, just heart breaking. Sending lots of love.

    Beautiful Lou is at peace now XXX

  5. Oh Dominic, My heart is sad reading that you have lost your Lou Lou and the kids Mommy. May she Rest In Peace and I. Pray the Lord covers you all with his grace. We only had your Louise for a short while here but feel a real loss for you all.
    May our Lord Bless you all

  6. My heart breaks for your family. Have comfort that she is at peace. She will watch over you and the kids as their guardian angel.
    I cannot begin to imagine what you have to go through.
    If you need any help dealing with german bureaucracy, let me know. Native German speaker (and am in europe at the moment).

    • Thank you Julia. Getting Lou home ended up being an easy process which was great. Thanks for the offer to help. xx

  7. May you rest peacefully now our beatiful friend, what a mighty fight, you will always be in our hearts, and sending much love to you, dom the kids and the village from the san juans and telluride. We were all so blessed to have had time with you beautiful lady xxx

  8. I am so sorry for your unbearable loss. Louise was truly blessed to have the most wonderful and loving family.
    ‘And she will make the face of heaven so fine, that all will be in love with night’ (Romeo & Juliet)

  9. I am so sorry for your devastating loss. Your blog posts chronicle a very brave and courageous battle that has been fought by Lou, her family, and her village. Thankyou for sharing Lou’s heartbreaking journey. Wishing you and your sweet little ones much love and strength to carry on through this difficult time.

  10. As a husband of a 42 year old with metastatic TNBC and a 8 year old daughter, I only recently came across your blog in my continuous search for new treatments. Lou seemed extraordinary in her zest for life and will to live, and I am so sorry for your loss Dom and for your young kids and her family. Your dedication and care for your wife and family is extraordinary and your detailed treatment notes and thoughts even in the depth of the battle, are so helpful to others going through this, and want you to know that her life and your blog have not been in vain. Peace and love to you.

    • Thanks so much for your message Sid. I really hope that your wife responds to her treatments. It’s a trough road as you know. Thanks for sharing. Please let me know how you guys are going with your fight. All the best Sid.

  11. Dom sending u and all the family so much love. I am so sorry for your loss. What an amazing husband you have been to Lou. Your friends and family will carry you through this. Lots of love Nat and Greg

  12. Our deepest thoughts of comfort to all of you. We have followed this blog for a long time and have been asking mum for updates, always hoping for a miracle to be there for Lou. We feel saddened for the children to not have their mumma around for good and bad times to come.
    You will find the strength to bridge their fears and show them how to be beautiful people like Lou would have wanted .
    Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you and the family again soon.
    Love Rob, Kaycie and Jaxden De Celis

  13. In 2005, Louise was working at Davinci. I met her first as an outsider coming in to present to her and her colleagues. Her energy radiated in that first meeting. She made me instantly comfortable. Unbeknownst to me her job that day was to also size me up. See if I had what it takes to join the team. I like to think Lou chose me that day and it started one of my most special friendships. When you’re chosen by Lou you’re one of the luckiest people in the world. You can guarantee you will not only have the best of fun, encouraged to grab every moment and squeeze every bit out of it, but also have a force in your corner who has your back. Lou has supported me unbelievably in the years we’ve been friends. There will be a gap without her that will never be filled but I am so grateful to have known her and for all the memories I have.

    Dom, Noah, Evie, Les,Lynda and Elysia my heart breaks that you have lost such a beautiful, vibrant angel. Lou loved you all sooooo much and was loved so much by you. You walked every step of this painful journey – everything you could do, you did. She was never alone. And we will miss her so much but i think we will never be without her presence either. In everything beautiful, where there is love, she will be.

    Love you Lou. Always. Xxx

  14. Our deepest thoughts of comfort to all of you. We have followed Lou’s blog for a long time and have been asking Lauren for updates, always hoping for a miracle to be there for Lou. We feel very saddened for the children to not have their mumma around as they grow up and to share the good and bad times with her.
    It may not seem possible right now, but you will find the strength to bridge their fears and turn them into beautiful people the way that Lou would have wanted. We will light a special candle for Lou and the family tonight.
    Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you again soon.
    Rob, Kaycie and Jax

  15. Dom, Noah, Evie, Elysia and family, so sad to hear of your loss. The heaven just gained a warrior angel. Although I did not know her well she was such an inspiration , beautiful, warm and inspiring lady. Sending all of you love Rest in peace lovely Lou

  16. We have lost a beautiful, kind, generous, funny, supportive and loving person from our lives. We are all the better for have known her. My love to you all in Germany. Nanna (grandnan) has been praying for you all and has had, and is having, masses said for Lou. She did everything asked of her to stay with us all so she could enrich our lives but sadly it was not to be. Lots of

  17. Dom, Elysia and family, so sad to hear of your loss. I did not know Lou well but she was such an inspiring, warm and amazing lady. The heavens just received a warrior angel. Sending you so much love. ❤️ Rest In Peace beautiful Lou x

  18. Dom there are no words to really bring you comfort but we are so sorry and send you all our love. As well to Noah and Evie and the rest of your families.

    Lou’s village is your village and we are here to support you as well.

    Take care of yourself.

    And goodbye beautiful Lou. You inspired us all, you made us laugh and we love you.

  19. I’m so sorry Dom.
    Our thoughts and hearts are with you, Noah, Evie, Elysia and your families.
    Rest In Peace Lou.
    What an incredible and inspiring person she was with an infectious energy and so much love to give.
    We are thinking of you

  20. What a shocking news, a very very sad one. Dear Louise I m so sad , I won’t see you again, but will think of you every day. You are an inspiration forever. My heart goes to you and to your family, Dominic and children, such a lost, such a pain it must be to say good bye to such a lovable , beautiful woman.

  21. Such a beautiful person and can’t imagine what you must be all going through sending you my condolences during this heart breaking time

    I have fond memories of working with Loun when we were at Westfield many years ago xx

  22. This world isn’t fair. The most beautiful soul taken too soon. My heart breaks for you Dom, the kids, family and friends. Lou will be looking over you and taking care of you all. Thinking if you, now and forever. Renee

  23. Fly high gorgeous Lou, I know you will be watching down on your babies and Dom and all of us who you touched so dearly with your warrior spirit and beautiful self. Sending you all so much love from all of us.

    Summer & family xxx

  24. There are no words I can say to ease the pain of this devastating loss but I wanted you to know that Lou’s village is here for you and you family always.

    You all fought to the end and you have inspired so many with your amazing ability to fight and find the positive in what was an impossible situation. We are all forever changed by you Dom and will continue to support you.

    Goodbye beautiful Lou. You have touched so many people and our lives are all the better for having known you. Rest now and know you are forever loved xx

  25. I am overwhelmed with emotion and sadness reading these last few posts. I was praying so hard for a turnaround for Lou and your precious family. As a mother and wife I cannot even begin to understand how hard this must be. Sometimes the world is so unfair. Sending all our love and prayers. I hope Lou is at peace and the pain is gone. And what an incredible support you have been for her and your children during this very difficult time. You fought every step of the way. Our thoughts are with you xx

  26. Although its been over 10 years since I worked with Lou and had her take me under her wings, I’ve followed her life and happiness from afar.
    My mum still remembers me telling stories of the effervescent, funny and kind friend at work who was hysterically funny and a genuinely amazing person.
    Much love to your family Lou. Your blog over the past little while has demonstrated your strength of character, your sense of humour even in the toughest circumstances,and a bravery that not many possess.

  27. I’m so sorry Dom.
    My deepest thoughts and condolences are with you, the kids and Lou’s family.
    Rest In Peace Louise.
    thinking of you mate

  28. Rest In Peace beautiful Lou.
    I will always be grateful that I had a chance to be part of your beautiful family seeing Evie and Noah growing up from babies to little people. If it would have not been for you and Dom and your kindness, support and generosity, i probably wouldn’t be in Australia anymore. I will cherish all the beautiful days and meals we had together, laughter, taking Benson for walks, coffees and conversations.
    I will keep on cooking your favourite dishes – Cheese & Leek soup and Lemon chicken – for the kids and share with them my great memories of you.
    You will be missed but our love will be eternal. Lots of love Josi

  29. Dom – our hearts break with you. Hold Noah and Evie tight. There is an army who’ve been behind you all through this fight. And we will remain behind you. Big love to you all.
    Charles & Erica. X

  30. Oh Dom , my heart breaks for you, Noah , Evie , Elysia , Lou’s Mum and dad and your Mum and dad . Your beautiful , courageous , strong , Lou . A wonderful wife and mamma . U left no stone unturned , dom . Thoughts and prayers . Your little warrior is at peace now and will look over u and your little ones, an angel in heaven to guide u . God bless . All my love Chrissy

  31. You shared a most private and painful story with bravery, dignity and love. Through your beautiful writing you have impacted more people than you realise and created a legacy for your children to remember their Mother by.

    You demostrated such love for Louise , aspirational…….

    These words are hollow, your pain so real and intense…….i want to say its not fair, but thats not how the World works.

    Im so sorry for what you are all going through, now and in the coming time – it clenches at my chest and i gulp for air.

    Thinking of you


  32. I’m so, so sorry to hear this news, Dom. Thinking of you during this most difficult time and sending love to you and your family.
    Karina x

  33. Though I never met Lou or her family, know that her story has deeply touched many. Thank you for sharing your journey and I hope you will find the strength and courage to continue sharing as you enter a different chapter and challenge. One that I know you will take on with just as much gusto and love

  34. I’m sorry to hear this news. My heart goes out to you and your family. Thinking of you, Noah and Evie.

  35. So brave Loulu. So utterly heart breaking Dom. Your Love together was rare and wonderful. A real team. I am incredibly sorry you lost your best friend.

    Your words always manage to convey the enormity and the emotion with such clarity. It has allowed us to stay with you on this Journey even when you have been physically far away. Thank you so much for always sharing with us.

    Let us always celebrate Lou. And celebrate her life with Noah and Evie so that they will always remember their beautiful, loving and adoring ‘mumma’.

    Even though you are all over it as a Dad, your babes adore you and you do it all with such natural ease, know that if and when you need help we are always here.

    bye Loulu. love and light with you always.

  36. I’m so sad for your loss. What a courageous woman Lou was. I remember Lou from both school and then working together many years ago. Always the stylish, bright, fun and vibrant woman. Thank you for sharing your journey and I’m wishing you and your little ones strength and love forever more.

  37. I am very sorry for your loss. I worked with Lou many years ago and always remember her fondly. She always rocked a pair of tight jeans and made us laugh a lot! Lou was a beautiful soul. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your two children through this very sad time. xo

  38. Lou was just like gravity. Everything was pulled towards her. As I was. I first met Lou when I started my first full-time job working at WIN/NBN and booking all her advertising schedules! As life would have it, Lou and I would once meet again at Davinci (I’m sure she put a good word in for me) but this time we worked together at the same place where she would be my mentor and life-long friend.

    Lou had an absolutely beautiful heart and soul… that smile, that energy, that endearing nature… something that can never be taken away from this world.

    I pray for your beautiful family and may God always watch over them and keep them strong in your memory. We will always remember you in our hearts.

    Rest In Peace Lou

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