11 Jan 19

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

It was great to see Elysia arrive safely this morning. I stayed in bed with Lou until Elysia’s taxi dropped her off at the clinic. It would have been a beautiful commute with fresh snow in the villages and farmland between Frankfurt airport and Bad Salzhausen.

I hold Lou’s and all night. (she would not let me do that if she was well, she likes her sleep-space waaay too much. She actually builds a barrier with pillows between her, myself and the kids……LOL)

Lou was restless from about 2:45 am until about 4 am. As she can’t communicate I’m not sure why she was uneasy. It just feels like ‘fight’ to me.  The Princess Warrior – Mrs Perpetual Motion, punching-on until the bell.

While Louise was agitated, attempting to open her eyes and speak, I told her maybe 10 times; “Your sister Elysia will be here in a few hours, she loves you, I love you, Noah and Evie love you, your mum and dad love you, your friends and village love you.”

Elysia is holding her hand now. They can spend some quality time together today. Her parents are there too, like every other day. Together as a family, like the previous 40 years.

I’m now spending time with the kids.



  1. So glad to hear that Elysia is there with her.
    Our family here in the U.S. is continuing to keep all of you in prayer. Please tell Louise.

  2. Thank you for updating us. It must have been an awful flight for her. Lovely to know they’re together.

  3. Please give Lyndia and Leslie a hug from me, the last time I saw them was 40 years ago when they left the states to finish their honeymoon in Europe before going home to start their family. My heart breaks for all of you, Louise sounds like a fantastic woman who will keep on fighting, sending tons of positive thoughts and energy to all of you.

  4. Thinking of you guys. I’m a triple negative cancer patient and have been following your journey. I’ve lit a Candle at my local church in Seattle, WA in Lou’s honor. Sending virtual hugs your way. Ana

    • Thank you for this lovely gesture Ana. Take care in your own journey.

      Glad Elysia made it.

      Thinking of you Dom, Noah, Evie, family, friends. All my love. X

  5. Louise has shown such remarkable Courage & Strength the entire way through this cruel disease process, even now… a true inspiration.
    Having “no regrets” plays a very important role with the journey of healing. Prayers and thoughts for Louise and the entire family.

  6. Oh Dom, you are such a pillar of strength and positivity for your beautiful wife, kids and Lou’s tribe. You have done everything (and more) that you could. You, the kids and Lou’s family are now in the unenviable position of walking Lou to the next phase of her life….and I am holding all of you, particularly Lou, in my thoughts and heart. Love and white light. Tiff xxxxx

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