1 Nov 19

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

Dear Evie,

Today my precious “noonicorn”, you’re five 🖐.

You came into this world crying and you’ve never really stopped. 😭😂

You were such a pretty little puffin the minute you wanted out of Mumma’s tummy and you get more beautiful every day.

My Little Poppa

I get emotional just thinking about how much you’ve grown up in the last twelve months. You are a real character. You’ve counted down the days and today is the day.

After cuddling me all night or searching for me in the bed if we parted, you woke up so excited. You slept-in which is out of character but I guess that’s your Halloween hangover. A plastic pumpkin head of overflowing ‘candy’ all transferred to your tummy will do that to you….

You woke with a big smile and exclaimed; Daddy, it’s my birthday!” Then stood up and said; “look Dadda, my legs are longer.” There is always a funny story to tell with something you say or do. One of my faves this spring is:

As the seasons have been changing and the weather is unpredictable, it’s six in the morning, you decide its time to select your first outfit for the day.

“Daddy, is it cold outside?”

“Yeah It’s a little bit cold, I think you should wear pants and a long sleeve t-shirt.”

Then you march over to the dog door and stick your little hand out the swinging flap so your fingertips reach the outside of the house and say;

“It’s warm Dadda, I’m going to wear shorts.”

“Perfect. It’s nine degrees Celcius, why not Evie?”

I know you won’t take any of my council so my only choice is to pack a warm outfit in your school bag and hope the carers at daycare have more influence over your rigid decisions than I do.

Evie, this is your first birthday without your mum. I grapple to understand the cruelness of a five-year-old girl having to mature through the years without their mummy’s guiding light. The only saving grace is that your shores have admirable lighthouses either side in; Liesy, Grandma, Nanny, Aunty Egg, Aunty Boo, Aunty Emma……… friends and family, all channelling you and governing the route.

A mother’s love is one of the most powerful forces on earth, it is unconditional and eternal.

It’s now your warm human lighthouses that will keep the infinite flow of love that mummy created at full capacity to ensure you are carried to each destination.

Just like Noah, you are my hero. You and Noah are amazing, I have nothing but emulation for how you’ve handled losing the most important person in your life. You simply get on with it and lead by example.

Evie Pops, I can’t wait for our overseas holiday this December, to excite you everyday and create some beautiful memories. I will show you where your mummy and I made some of our best memories, events that were the building blocks to you. My favourite girl in the whole wide world.

I love you. I love you as much as your mummy did and you know that’s a lot.

Happy Birthday, Puffin.



  1. Happy Birthday Evie!
    5 today how exciting, 5 is such a lovely age and learn and do so many new things.
    Can’t wait till tomorrow to see you
    and be at your birthday party , love you very very much
    Nanny Lyn

  2. Evie, you are such a beautiful girl with those big dolly eyes. And your mum was right.. you are also strong in knowing what you want. You have had a certain definitive way about you from day one. Your mummy would have done absolutely anything to be with you for your birthday. She loved you so much and nothing would have got in her way. She tried so very hard to stay with you. That she cannot be here is incredibly heart wrenching for all of us. We can never be what your mummy is but we love you so sO SO very much. We will always be here for you. For dress ups and dancing and swimming and strawberry and cream ice blocks and being silly and of course, for lots of cuddles. My heart is huge for you evie pops. You have wonderful things ahead.. more than you could imagine.. and the best dad ever.. that does a superb job at giving you all the love you need. Watching you grow Makes me so happy. Birthday Wishes and Kisses and Dreams and Unicorns..
    Always. Aunty egg .

  3. Happy birthday Beauitful Evie. Hope you had a fantastic day. We love you so so much. Love uncle Hap. xxxxxx

  4. Happy birthday beautiful Evie. Hope you have a wonderful day as you deserve. May your strength lead you for a world full of beauties, peace and love.
    Monica Hirayama

  5. Humongous BIG birthday hugs to EVIE the BIRTHDAY GIRL
    ⭐️ ⭐️
    I can’t believe it’s been 5 years since you were in your Mumma’s belly. Oscar Was in my belly at the same time!
    All of you were up visiting Francisco & I when we told your Mum & Dad that I was pregnant with Oscar. They were almost the first people we told & no one could have been happier for me than your Mum & Dad. We all cried tears of joy.
    And what a joy it’s been watching you grow up over the last 5 years.
    I love that you and are Oscar are the same age and always will be. Looking forward to all the precious moments we will get share & witness.
    Love Aunty Emma, Francisco & Oscar

  6. Dearest Evie,
    I’ll never forget when you picked a beautiful flower put it to your heart and said this is for you Mum.
    Mum would be so proud that you are following in her footsteps . Kind, wise, strong, intelligent, and beautiful. I miss living with you and think of all the fun we had often…. Playing babies, Hanging out in the park, putting Benson down the slippery dip and eating cupcakes!
    Happy Birthday!! Love you Evie Pop’s!!
    Can’t wait to see you soon.
    love always Aunty Boo x.

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