Nine Years Married

I don’t really believe in “signs” from those that have left this world. I wish I did but my gut feel is that they are simply coincidences.

A few weeks back I was driving past the charming little church Lou and I were married in. I decided to stop and wander around. A melting pot of emotions that’s for sure.

The wedding, what an amazing day. What a fucking great party!!

As I stood in the quaint little doorway where we walked out a freshly married couple, I was hit with a warm ray of sunshine that broke through the clouds and settled on the spot I stood. What a beautiful “coincidence.”

As I hopped in the car to continue home, “always remember us this way” started playing from a random Spotify playlist. Now was this a coincidence because Lou was infatuated with Bradley Cooper or was she simply letting me know, “when the sun goes down and the band won’t play, I’ll always remember us this way………?”

Evie loves talking about weddings. We will go through these photos tonights so we can talk about this very day, nine years ago.

Happy wedding anniversary Lou Lou. xx

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2 Replies to “Nine Years Married”

  1. Hi Dom
    Linda, former colleague of Lou from Optus.
    Take that for how you felt and if made you feel in the moment.
    I had a similar experience when my Dad passed away…. years and years and years ago….. and more recently, don’t laugh, when my dog did in 2018.
    The connection we have with our loved ones lasts beyond their last breath.

    FYI. My husband and I celebrate 20.04 every year as that’s the date we went on our first date and felt married the moment we met. Lou and my mum in law share the same birth date

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for checking in on the blog. Sorry to hear you lost your dad too early. When my mum’s dog died she was devastated so I know how that can feel. Happy anniversary to you guys!!! xx