19 Apr 20

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

It’s already been twelve months since the kids and I were road-tripping around the state.

I forgot how many celebrations we have to observe around this time of year. Jboy and Billies birthdays, today’s wedding anniversary, your birthday next week and mothers day around the corner….

Noah, Evie, Benson and I could sure use you while we bunker down in isolation. You would keep the home functioning like a Rolex timepiece.

You would be yelling at me substantially after consecutive days in close quarters, that’s fo sho.

I was making space on my phone last week, deleting unwanted files and came across a video that was over three minutes long, but the entire length of it was black. Knowing that it was obvious a pocket button click and unintended I was about to delete it and then I caught your voice muffled in the background.

The video ends up being you yelling at me for its entirety. We had people coming over that afternoon and I hadn’t mowed the lawn. Classic.

I miss being yelled out.

Anyway, I found a photo album on the upstairs computer that is labelled “print.” It only contains the below pics. I will get them printed for you during the week.

Happy wedding anniversary Lou Lou. Eight years married, I wish it could be 50.


  1. One of the best of weddings !
    Dom know we are thinking of you always. This time of year pulls on the heart strings so much, Lou’s love of birthdays was infectious and admired especially by me. Miss her everyday and know we are always here for you all. ❤️

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