16 May 20

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It

It’s always nice to have Lou’s storey revisited and some attention on the narrative that’s unfolding as we push ahead without her.

Last Sunday morning the kids and I walked up to the corner store so they could purchase a paper each and flick through the lift-out magazine in search of themselves.

Evie and Noah reading Stellar Magazine on mothers day
My Beautiful little Monkey’s 🙈🙉

It was a fitting lead-in to discuss mothers day even though I start prepping the kids for this day a month in advance.


👆🏼A little snippet of Noah reading the article from The Stellar Magazine. Not bad for a seven-year-old. Must be my COVID-19 homeschooling 😉.

Just as I did last year, I also read them a “letter from their mum.” Evie’ and Noah’s respective responses were:

Evie: “Read it again daddy!”

Noah: “No don’t, it’s too long.”

Chalk and cheese those two.

Aunty Liesy then hosted another craft session with the blended siblings creating special candles, each with a personal message for “Aunty Weeze” and “Mumma.”

Very Special.

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