12 Oct 18

By Dominic Byrne

Single Parent Getting After It


In two weeks, if Lou is in satisfactory health with her current treatment plan, I’m going on a journey. My dad, brother and I are going to be rafting, trekking and bike riding The Borneo jungle, Coast to Coast.

When cancer becomes your life, it helps to relate other peoples struggles to your own. There is nothing like peoples experience of war to remind us of how fortunate we really are.

The Sandakan “death march” remains the greatest single atrocity committed against Australians in war. I’m still struggling to get my head around it.

Geoff and Tristan Byrne, walking, Training for the Sandakan Death March Walk.

Dad and Happy in training on the Newcastle coastline. Good to go!!

I will add more content to this page to in the coming weeks. That’s the plan anyway……

22 October 2018

Unfortunately, I won’t be going to Borneo this week. While Lou is still insisting I go, others have made the decision for me. Maybe another time.



  1. Dom,
    Tom’s uncle was one of the sole survivors of the Sandakan death march. I have his memoirs if you are keen to read them before you go.
    Much love to you all. Cil xx

  2. Hi, I would really like to see them. I’ll see how I’m going as Lou is back in hospital with a bit going on. I will attempt to get over there. I’ll text you if I get a window. X

  3. Dom I actually hiked the Sandakan Death March trek 10 years ago raising money for kids cancer. Such a sad trek, terrible history. We had a POW survivor with us (obviously he didn’t do the actual trek) but channel 10 did a documentary on it/him which is aired here in SA every Anzac Day, its called Sheer Bloody Murder.

    I am sending you and your family love and healing thoughts. I have only come across your Blog today and will be reading it all tonight when I get home.

    I have extensive experience in fundraising and would love to help you in you need, just ask xxx

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