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That’s A Hat-rick, Three Good Days Of Improved General Health

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Louise has had the best three days in a long long time. She’s battling some lymphedema today which tarnished a reasonably clear side effect run. And towards the end of the day, her mind was carrying the weight of our next treatment move but she looked tip-top and has made some great physical gains since

A Good Day 😊

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Louise had a really good day today. 🤗 It’s the best day I can recall since the 11th of October.  Let me just ask Google how many days that is…………………………………. 77. Boy. That’s waaaaaaaaay too long, 77 days is a very long time to feel like rubbish. Lou had 1.2 litres drained

I Just Thought I’d Post This Amazing Image Of The Burghausen Castle

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The Burghausen Castle is about a kilometre down the river from Lou’s clinic. Here a couple more: (click to enlarge) Yeah, so Australia didn’t even have a building on it’s land until about 800 years after this castle was founded, in 1025…… And the locals will tell you its the

BELIEF Combined With PERSPECTIVE Is The Ingredients Needed I Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas everyone, from the De-Byrne’s, for this Christmas and the next. We love You! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🤗 Cherish your family today and every day. Be aware of and appreciate the great things you have. 💗

The Generosity Follows Us Around The Globe

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🙏🙌🏽😗💗👊🏾🤗🙏🙌🏽😗💗👊🏾🙏  Noah And Evie making Christmas cookies with Kirsten and her kids. Yum Yum!

Louise Got Very Sick Very Quickly After The Last TACE

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Well, that didn’t go well. Louise went downhill faster and harder than me on my motorcycle. On Friday after her chemotherapy liver treatment, I made a prediction she would start spiralling on Monday, with the hope it wasn’t too severe this time. Well, nausea and vomiting started prematurely on Friday

Where Are We At Right Now? Hmm..

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Some quotes from Professor T Vogl I jotted down Verbatim: “the amount of tumour tissue in the pleura is better, the reduction of fluid is also becoming now less.” “With the liver, we always have a problem, we treat one area and of course, we cannot treat the whole liver,  other areas are still in activity. 

Liver Treatment And progress Scans Today

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 Greyhound Starting Gates We’re in dogbox number nine Scan day today! Breathing through the pain…

Louise getting a blood transfusion in the Frankfurt University Hospital

26 Days In Germany

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We’re closing in on a month in Germany, I’m honestly not sure if the time has gone fast or slow. Being in a foreign country, a place I’ve never previously visited, a place with much to do and see but it’s somewhat of a blur. On occasions, you get a minute

Thank You Thank You Thank You

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If YOU donated $1 or $1000, if YOU purchased a book for $50 or successfully bid $10, 000 on the Yacht, the gratitude from Lou and her family is as immense. As mentioned in the auction booklet, EVERYONE’S contribution is a true testament that the whole is greater than the


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Good morning Australia 🇦🇺. Lou had another 1.5 litres of fluid removed from her right lung yesterday. That’s twice in seven days. 😩 The good news is that she had her best day today since we have been in Germany, and we’ve been here for three weeks already……..I know right.

A Kick In The Face When You’re Down

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So Lou’s right lung is full of fluid again. If you look up side effects for “pleural effusion” you will get: Shortness of breath A dry cough Pain A feeling of chest heaviness or tightness Inability to lie flat Inability to exercise (or move in our instance) Generally feeling unwell

Lou Is Really Struggling

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So we’ve finally moved into an apartment, we’re in a beautiful town called, Bad Homburg. It’s a close distance to the two clinics we visit daily. The kids now have play space with neighbouring parks. Hopefully, we get a little time to explore and familiarise ourselves with the area. It

Our First Unplanned Trip To A German Hospital

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That’s not a bag of urine, beer or ice tea. It’s a litre of fluid drained from Lou’s right lung. The reason she hasn’t been eating and has had 24/7 nausea. The tube was still attached in the pic, and the bag drained another .5 of a litre making it a

The Online Auction Is a Go!

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9 more sleeps until Lou’s party. We’ve sold 410 tickets to the event, there are 139 auction items online with many more to be added. Products are open for instant buy and bidding. (yep, click on the hammer) Lou’s village has spoken. No wonder this is Noah’s favourite song: Crank up

Guten Morgan

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It’s only 8pm in Frankfurt but the kids and Lou have been out for an hour. It’s blissfully quiet. Just that very faint hotel murmur, humming somewhere unidentifiable in the background. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be waking in my own home right now, getting Noah dressed

Current Treatment Regime – Frankfurt

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The objective is to achieve four individual regional chemo liver sessions (half the liver per session) with Professor Vogle between November and January.  In between these sessions, receive as much complementary therapy as possible. Univ. Prof. Dr. med. Thomas J. Vogl Transarterial chemoembolization/chemoperfusion; Abdomen Rotation Vom. Puncture of the femoral.

A small win with a ling way to go.

A Win Is A Win, Even If It’s Small

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Lou is still very unwell but we had our first small win yesterday. Her big tumour on her liver that has been growing uncontrollably has shrunk by 5% in surface area and 7% in volume. This occurred over a seven day period. It is a small win and hopefully validation we

We're nit having much success but we are still shooting

Fick Krebs!

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Lou’s second round of liver treatment scheduled for today was postponed until the first week of December. She’s been extremely unwell since we arrived, with little to zero energy. Her white and red blood cell numbers are down, they’re a tad high for transfusions but low enough to keep her on

Deutschland Update

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It was a very long journey door-to-door. Lou got here as good as we’d hoped and the kids were absolute champions. I couldn’t have asked for more. We’ve been here for three days. She’s had one targeted treatment session on the liver with another scheduled for Thursday. She starts some

RCT (Regional Chemotherapy), The Objective Is To Buy More Time

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I’m attempting to talk about RCT, I think you’ll find it hard to comprehend while Evie is busy “on the phone.” 😂 I do pretty well at staying on track. (you’ll see her walking around in the background “talking to her cousin Billy” – classic) Hey Evie, the phone is

When We Beat This Horrendous Disease You Would Have All Contributed

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 🙏🙏🙏👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾🤗🤗🤗👨‍⚕️👨‍⚕️👨‍⚕️🤞🤞🤞 💓💓💓 Thank You!!

Always and forever I’ll be your Mumma XoX

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Heart melting over this drawing Noah gave me today. It’s mummy’s cancer battle. Noah tells me the good cells outnumber the bad cells 10 to one and they win!!! He took me through this very detailed battle plan and it sounds like a winner to me!! The three large colored


Dear family and friends, the time has come for us to ask for your help. The community that you have created around us is phenomenal. It’s nurturing, energising, committed, sympathetic, and full of an immeasurable amount of love. It’s more than we could have ever hoped for. Having this village

Our Options In Australia Are Running Pretty Thin

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It’s the first week of November, this is the week that we were meant to be reviewing the success of the Immunotherapy (IO) trial. The original plan was to schedule the scans and decide if we were to continue with the trial or not. Well as you know the cancer

Two Hours On My Shrink

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I just spent two hours at the track and I’ve reset my brain. I know some people, actually a lot of people, probably wonder why I participate in action sports that come with a high risk of injury. Especially now that I’m far from the reckless age of a teenager,

Louise DeCelis Back in Hospital For Chemo Side Effects

My Week In Numbers

All the preparation in the world cannot beat the demon that is chemo. It might start ok, and you think “hey maybe this time I’m going to get through this relatively unharmed” and then SMACK, SMACK and once you are down SMAAAAACK!!!!! There is no such thing as chemo and

Fundraiser For Lou!

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When we started this blog on the 11th August we never expected we’d be posting about raising funds for Lou. We also never expected that chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, more chemo, more radiation and immunotherapy wouldn’t work either. With the ongoing expense of fighting cancer now outweighing our diminishing income. We’re overcoming


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Remember those wild Thursday nights in the late 90’s, early 00’s at the Greenwood Hotel? I sure do. We’re having another one, all for Lou. Put the date in your diary now. Let’s make it a sellout. While all the details are to follow, if you or anyone you know

Treatment Position

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Lou is officially off the trial as her primary liver tumour has doubled in size and she has more lesions. Her three Aussie Onco’s advise we start chemo on Monday (gemcitabine and carboplatin). The positive’s are: We don’t have a better option right now It is a combination that has

The Immunotherapy Trial Didn’t Work

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The path we were on has lead to nowhere. We are in no better position than the original diagnoses in June 2017 or learning of the disease spreading in August. In fact, our situation is much more inauspicious. A little draconian I know, but that’s how it is.   Due to an ongoing

Give Blood, Make The Effort And Save Lives

Have you ever needed a blood transfusion? Do you donate blood regularly? 💉 🌡 If you’re answer to question 2 is no, and you have no medical reason, then just consider for a moment that there was no blood to give me today. Or no blood for your loved ones

To Be Honest, It’s Been a Shit Month

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I was just looking at my calendar and thinking, we’ve had a bad run. Yep, Fuck You Cancer, you’re making us work for it. Lou’s only had a few good days since 10 September. It’s mainly the Paarp pills that are causing severe fatigue, nausea, anxiety and pain. It’s a real

Dominic, Geoffrey and Tristan Byrne, Borneo Coast to Coast. Sandakan Death March.

Sandakan Death March

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11/October/2018 In two weeks, if Lou is in satisfactory health with her current treatment plan, I’m going on a journey. My dad, brother and I are going to be rafting, trekking and bike riding The Borneo jungle, Coast to Coast. When cancer becomes your life, it helps to relate other peoples

The Little Ratbags are Happy, I’m Happy

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So this is me on Sunday morning (no makeup), it’s early, the sun hasn’t even graced us with its presence. I’m 41 and still get excited about the day ahead when I know it’s going to be fun. Evie and Noah are asleep, I do want them to wake but

How To Beat Metastatic Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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So you want to be cancer free, what are you doing about it? Minute by minute, play by play? You need to imagine your success, visualize what you want, feel it. You must be focused and know exactly what you need to get from here to there. You need to

Louise Decelis's Blood used for Immunotherapy Trial

Treatment Update September 2018

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Lou’s just shy of seven weeks since going from a stage one cancer patient to a stage four, In a single day. We’ve talked to dozens of subject matter experts during this time and we’ve learnt a stack of information while being simultaneously guided with treatment. Lou had a face to

My Tidal Thoughts

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Your brain covers a lot of distance in many different directions when mortality is on your doorstep. I truly believe Lou will be around much longer than the ominous sentence most pundits prescribe. But when time is an unknown, it keeps your brain humming. If you knew you had months,

dominic byrne and noah on the t-bar, thredbo 2018

A Few Days On The Snow – Just What The Doctor Ordered

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My brother Happy and I had the best few days on the snow, in the sun, with Faith and Noah. What an escape. Alpine air in the lungs, fast turns and family time. #Winning

Three days ago I had a full blown panic attack in the middle of a crowded flight. Louise DeCelis. MTNBC. Are You Ok Day


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Three days ago I had a full blown panic attack in the middle of a crowded flight, that had only just taken off, trolleys blocking both my ways out. I knew it was coming. It started with shortness of breath, a warm feeling crawling up all my limbs, nausea, shoes

Evie Byrne has some clangers - Louise DeCelis Cancer Blog

Evie Harper Byrne, So Much Character And A lot of Clanger

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A little bit of humour leading into the weekend. Lou had a week to herself in Cleanland (Queensland), relaxing and preparing for the next phase of treatment. She’s feeling tip-top so, why not a little laugh. Evie Pops loves a mashup. She has an amazing, un-deliberate ability to mash together not

Louise DeCelis and Noah Byrne, Noah receiving the kindergarten blue award.

Today Australia Has A New PM, Who Gives a $*#! When Noah is Kicking Arse

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I didn’t know it was possible to be so proud of a five-year-olds achievement. Today Noah was presented, in front of his whole school, the Kindergarten Blue Award. Days like this make you feel like a million dollars. Noah, I honestly don’t care what profession you choose, what sport you play, what

A Little Bit About The MoST Trial

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So Louise is enroled in the Immunotherapy Trial, which she starts on September 5. This is an attempt to assist her immune system to find and destroy cancer cells. She is also simultaneously participating in the MoST trial, which is quite different and essentially starts out as a research study. MoST

A Compliment For Louise

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So yesterday at our Immunotherapy kick-off meeting,  Professor Kefford gave Lou a quality compliment. Not bad coming from someone who has been working with cancer and treating cancer patients with chemotherapy, radiation and Immunotherapy, from before Lou was born. “I’ve been doing this job for forty years and haven’t seen anyone that looks as

I don’t know why this is?

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Even though my medical experience is shallow, from my observation, there is a massive divide between non-traditional and traditional medicine. Surely there could be major benefits, for patients,  if there were collaboration and co-creation of treatments. I don’t know why this is? Other countries seem to be so much more

Immunotherapy cancer fight for TNBC Louise DeCelis

Never Ever Give Up, Never

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I thought I’d share a personal email I sent Lou at the beginning of this cancer journey. Umm yep, I send my wife emails that are non-work/admin related. Somehow my keyboard knows what to say when my mouth doesn’t.  If it wasn’t for modern comm’s technology (SMS, email, social etc)

Louise DeCelis starts her Immunotherapy trial for TNBC next week

Immunotherapy Explained, As Best I Can Anways

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Immunotherapy helps your immune system find and destroy cancer cells. I’ve read in detail and it gets pretty technical, my head was spinning. The best summary is that cancer cells have molecules on their surface that can be detected by the immune system (tumour antigens). The immunotherapy directs the immune

Louise DeCelis was accepted into an Immunotherapy trial today

Woo Hoo, We Got Into An Immunotherapy Trial

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Yay, Lou was accepted into an Immunotherapy trial today. A tiny win in our cancer war. The Good The study might work. Fingers and toes crossed. Pray to your gods. If the study doesn’t work for us, the knowledge will help people with advanced cancer in the future. That’s a

Louise DeCelis Cancer Treatment options for tripple negative breast cancer

Week Two: Appointments And Firming Up Plan Of Attack

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We kicked off with a biopsy on Monday morning (13 August). Three samples were taken from Lou’s ninth rib. One was a standard sample, one for the Immunotherapy Trial and one for the MoST trial. On Tuesday Lou started Radiotherapy. This localised radiation was continued on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and